Hi! My name is Patrice, and I am a builder.

I build people, organizations, and movements.

I run the First Freedom Foundation, the FoRB Forum, the Global Youth Summit for FoRB, and Smart Social Impact.

All while getting run around by my toddler.

I strive to help people
―ALL the people―
have opportunities to live their best life.

I believe the greatest challenges
are larger than any one organization can solve.
So I am all about connections.

Everything I do is because of my love for Jesus Christ.

Years of Experience in the Public Policy Arena

Political & Humanitarian Organizations Consulted

Political Campaigns

Countries Worked in on Five Continents

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* Since building the above diagram, I’ve become a wife and mother. I can’t figure out how to visually express these roles in my life. The world wide web is not big enough.